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LOFT reiterates anti-discrimination stance

LOFT has, since its inception, supported the aims of the Kick It Out campaign. Kick It Out was initially launched to combat racism throughout football, subsequently broadening its remit to tackle all forms of discrimination in the game. Its recently-launched new logo reflects the breadth of its work. 

There has been discussion in the past week on the subject of a line in a particular chant sung by some Orient fans, as set out in this New Statesman article.

Leyton Orient and the vast majority of its supporters have long prided themselves on being part of a 'family club', and there is no doubt that the line in question does not reflect those values. Sexist chanting is as unacceptable as chants based on race, faith, sexual orientation, disability or any other form of discrimination.

East London is indeed wonderful, and no doubt supporters can think of a combination of pie, mash, beer, Bovril (with or without lids) or other local attributes to substitute for the offending line!

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