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Members' meeting & Raffle Draw

LOFT held the draw for their 2004 Raffle on 26 February, with special guests Orient defenders Donny Barnard and Simon Downer. The lucky winners of the draw were:

1st Prize - 250: Bobby Watson of Manchester
2nd Prize - 50: Andrew Brader of Barking College
3rd Prize - 2 bottles of spirit: Jenny Lane of Ilford and Derby
4th Prize - Bottle of Remy Brandy: Jim Woodman of Rotherhithe
5th Prize - Pictorial History of Orient and The Men Who Made Orient: John McCarthy of Cardiff
6th Prize - 2 Bottles of Wine: Denis Day of Dagengham
7th Prize - Signed Ball: David Hyams of St Albans
8th Prize - Jar of Murray Mints: Anne Smith of Croydon

LOFT would like to thank all who took part in the raffle, as we managed to hit our target of raising 500 for the LOCSP activities mentioned here.

After the draw, Donny and Simon answered questions from the audience. The highlights of their answers were:

  • Donny is not short for Donald, nor is he named after Donny Osmond
  • Both cited recent away kits as their favourites (Simon's last season's, Donny's this season's)
  • Dean Smith is the best player they've played with, with an honourable mention for Matthew Joseph, who they described as "loud on the pitch" (!)
  • Simon was at West Ham for a short while (audience booed), but didn't like it there (audience applauded)
  • Donny cleaned Deano's boots during his YTS days, while Simon cleaned Mark Warren's
  • A referee (alas unnamed) once called Simon "a little shit"
  • Simon cited Trevor Sinclair as the best player he'd played against, whilst Donny's was a tie between Joe Cole and Michael Carrick.

The evening ended with Simon Downer complementing the afro hairstyle of one of our members, whilst refusing to show everyone what his looked like!

We would like to thank both Donny and Simon for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Our thanks also to O's manager Martin Ling, and to Matthew Porter at the club, for enabling them to come.

Pictures from the evening are available here.

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