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Angelieri statement reaction

Earlier today, the club published a statement from Chief Executive Alessandro Angelieri that almost defies description.

The only positive to draw from this extraordinary statement is that club owner Francesco Becchetti will apparently now consider "appropriate offers" to buy the club, and that Angelieri thinks (though only thinks) "that within common sense, Mr Becchetti will continue to fund the club".

LOFT welcomes a public admission that Mr Becchetti is interested in selling the club. The statement shows, if it wasn't already clear, that it is in the club's interest that he sell up.

We reject however the statement's historical inaccuracies and insults towards supporters and players. Supporters will draw their own conclusions at the League One Play-Off squad of 2014 being described as a "squad without future".

To try and pin any blame on fans for protesting at the state of the club, because it has supposedly led to the players feeling the absence of the owner at training and matches, is frankly laughable.

And it is unprofessional in the extreme to call out players in public (including one player still contracted to the club) for their performances and "desire" on the pitch.

Earlier this week, LOFT and other members of the Fans' Forum asked the SLO to request an emergency forum to be arranged, in light of the extreme concern at the club's direction. We have heard today that the club has rejected that request as it feels today's statement answers those issues; it is clear that it does not.

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