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Orient fans' anger with Becchetti grows

Over 1,000 Leyton Orient fans have given their view on the running of the club, with the results clearly indicating a deep frustration with the current owner.

Over 70% who took part believe LOFT should declare it has no confidence in the regime, with 62% saying they would take part in peaceful demonstration against the club's owners.

The survey responses are broadly similar to those from the recent members' survey, with the vast majority expressing no confidence in the club's financial management (67% negative view), planning (84%), staffing and personnel management (87%) and communication (92%).

The survey results reflect the growing level of anger and frustration at the club's owner, Francesco Becchetti, as his third season in charge shows no less instability than the previous two. The club has now had six permanent managers and three caretaker managers since he took over the club, and there are no signs that any manager will be given more than half a season to make a difference.

LOFT will be holding its AGM on the evening of Thursday 10 November, where we will be tabling resolutions to our members on LOFT's next steps around the club owner and the sale of the Matchroom Stadium. Our guest will be Orient's ex-CEO Matt Porter, who has been very supportive of LOFT and recently stated how we need the support of the Orient fanbase.

The message to all O's fans is now very clear; if you are frustrated and angry at the way Leyton Orient is run and that on your own you can't make a difference, and if you believe there has to be change and that supporters need to come together to help make Orient a better football club than it currently is, then you need to join LOFT now.

Individually, each one of us is powerless, but together the Orient fanbase can make its voice heard louder than any one person.

Up the O's!

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