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LOFT members to discuss way forward

LOFT members will have an opportunity to discuss the situation at the club and what steps should be taken next, whatever they may be, at the AGM on Monday 25 April at the Supporters Club. The meeting starts at 7:30pm and our guest speakers will be O's legends John Mackie and Gary Alexander.

We would like to thank those supporters who took part in the protest at Saturday's game against Dagenham & Redbridge.

We estimate around 2-300 fans took part, which may seem small in number, but in percentage terms is comparable to early protests at other football clubs whose fans were concerned about their club's future.

The protest was never about numbers, though - we appreciate that a majority of O's supporters come to football only for what happens on the pitch, we respect that and how they show their support for the club.
As well as missing an early goal (typical Orient!), what those who took part achieved was in sending a message to Francesco Becchetti - we care about the club's future, we care about its finances and how it is run, we care about how the club is perceived by the rest of English football. The instability at the
club makes it almost impossible to achieve anything; you can't build for success when you're continually dismantling.
We also appreciate that not all members agreed with the protest, but we felt that action was needed at this game, and that to not act would be wrong.

In the light of Mr Becchetti's video statement on the club website, we will be re-stating our request to him:

  • that he meet with supporters - whether LOFT alone or the Fans' Forum - to set out his long-term plans and vision for the club
  • that shareholders are provided with further information about the club's recently-posted accounts and/or the AGMs that were held under the previous regime are reinstated, so that the implications of the over-6m 'creditors falling due within one year' figure in the accounts are made clear

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