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LOFT repeats call for owner to speak to fans

Concerns remain at LOFT and among Leyton Orient supporters around events at the football club. To have the club's owner being found guilty by the FA of improper and violent conduct for his antics at the Boxing Day match is frankly embarrassing.

18 months since his takeover, O's fans still have no idea what Francesco Becchetti's plans are for the club, beyond the seeming continual knee-jerk reactions to events (such as the hotel 'lock-in' reported in the media earlier in the season). We have called on Mr Becchetti to meet with LOFT either privately or preferably with LOFT members at a public meeting, and we re-iterate that call again.

Mr Becchetti has invited fans to communicate with him, not least on the BBC in February 2015 when he noted that "my door is always open, I am waiting for the fans to come to me and ask their questions. I will try to answer them to my best". That he continues to ignore just such a knock at his door is a deep concern.

At the last Fans' Forum in November, the CEO said that he would raise the matter again with the President and see if he would be able to attend a formal meeting with supporters, or would be prepared to take part in a ‘Meet the President’ evening.

Even though LOFT has sent many emails chasing this matter up, these have been ignored.

If no meeting is forthcoming soon, or even the courtesy of a reply from the CEO, then we can only assume that the President is only paying lip service to supporters, leaving LOFT in a position of having to consider whether it has confidence in the current regime.

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